Double Decker Bus Tour

The most complete Hop-On Hop-Off service of Miami

Double Decker Bus Tour – Take a tour with the only Water Taxi Shuttle Service in Miami that lets you capture the beautiful scenery and landscapes of Miami Islands, beaches and Venetian Causeways. The trip allows you to discover Miami’s finest natural treasures and explore sites like Mega Yachts, Ports of Miami, Miami Skyline, and other historic sites.
Explore the infamous sites in Miami on this hop-on hop-off Double-Decker bus tour. From Bayside to Venetian Pools, including Little Havana, Sea Aquarium and more, you will discover every iconic spot of this city. Whether you opt for our red loop or blue loop, you will get to experience the most stunning places in Miami.
Double Decker Bus
Miami City Tour Bus Double Decker

The packages are

  • 1 day ticket hop-on hop-off
  • 1 day hop-on hop-off and Biscayne Boat
  • 1 day hop-on hop-off and thriller speed boat
  • 2 day ticket hop-on hop-off
  • 2 Day Hop-On Hop-Off & Biscayne Boat
  • 2 day hop-on hop-off and thriller speed boat