Round Trip (two-way Pass)

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round Trip (two-Way Pass)

A round trip pass enables you to Commute from one-Water Taxi Stop where you are able to spend time at that location and Hop-Back on a later scheduled Water Tax pick up time and return to your departing location. hop-on hop-off (unlimited Pass)

round trip Options
  • Option A - From Bayside Marketplace (Zone 1) to Miami Beach Marina (Zone 2).
  • Option B - From Miami Beach Marina (Zone 2) to Bayside Marketplace (Zone 1).


Pickup Locations

The round trip (two-way pass) allows you to choose between our 7 different locations. Each location has their own points of interest, connections to other public transportation routes, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other great spots.



Our water taxi travels across historic Biscayne Bay and gives you stunning views of Miami which you don’t see be car or ground transportation. Bring your camera and enjoy the spectacular waterfront homes, towering condominiums, salt life and other magnificent scenery.

The Water Taxi Boat

The 38-passenger water taxi is a spacious, clean, eye-catching boat with bench seating. The boat is open air giving you a truly unique experience. As a reminder, it doesn’t provide air conditioning.

Special Offers & Combinations

This transportation choice can be combined with other activities including a sightseeing cruise, fishing tour, lunch, dinner and more combinations.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • All water taxi service is weather dependent.
  • Please note that our water taxis are not wheelchair accessible and that some of the docks are not street level requiring passengers to climb stairs.
  • No restrooms aboard.